Shotokan Karate for kids teens and adults in Winnipeg Canada

About Us

Shotokan Karate in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Charleswood Karate is a Winnipeg martial arts club teaching non-contact Japanese Shotokan karate. The club supports both children and adults with recreational and competitive people training together.

The training is based on the dedication and experience of the old ways mixed with today’s scientific understandings. It is affiliated with the International Karate Kaigaku of Canada and is a Manitoba IKD club.   IKD Winnipeg is its organization name and it is the largest Manitoba IKD club in Winnipeg.

Martial arts are different than regular sport. Before signing up, try or watch a class. Ask other students about the club and talk to the instructors.

Find out more about Charleswood Karate’s Chief Instructor Ron Porath Sensei

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