Shotokan Karate for kids teens and adults in Winnipeg Canada


Sensei Ron Porath, 6th Dan
Chief Instructor, Charleswood Karate

Screen shot 2013-11-25 at 6.20.38 PMCurrent Rank:  6th Dan
Actively Teaching:  Most classes at CK

Sensei Ron is the Owner & Chief Instructor of Charleswood Karate, and a graduate of the ISKF Instructor Program.

What started out as a fun activity to take part in with his three children (Sempai Ryan 5th Dan, Sempai Scott 3rd Dan and Sempai Laura 3rd Dan) has turned into a martial arts club that has introduced Shotokan Karate to thousands of people, and has over 100 active members!

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5th Dan

3rd Dan

Scott Porath
Sr Instructor / Sempai


 Rank: 3rd Dan
Year Started: 1987
Teaches: Youth & Adults

Sempai Scott’s full profile

Phil Hay
Sr Instructor / Sempai


 Rank: 3rd Dan
Year Started: 1989
Teaches: Mon 8p

Sempai Phil’s full profile

Allan Moore
Sr Instructor / Sempai


 Rank: 3rd Dan
Year Started: 1998
Teaches: Wed 12p, Sat YT 9a, Sat 10a

Sempai Al’s full profile

2nd Dan

Allison Paige
Sr Instructor / Sempai


 Rank: 2nd Dan
Year Started: 2001
Teaches: Young Tigers Sat 9a, Sat 10a

Sempai Alli’s full profile

Heather C
Sr Instructor / Sempai

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 6.42.59 PM

 Rank: 2nd Dan
Year Started: 2006
Teaches: Mon 9:30a

Sempai Heather’s full profile

Young Tigers
Assistant Instructors

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