July 2, 2020

Dojo Physical Arts Update!

Dojo Physical Arts Update!

We have lots of updates!!!

  1. Name Change to Dojo Physical Arts!
  2. Officially Welcoming Heather!
  3. New Yoga Program Starts Now!
  4. Founders Special Pricing!
  5. New Grocery Division of the Dojo!
  6. Summer Hours!
  7. Women's Only Classes!

Obviously the biggest news on the list is we are changing our name!

Charleswood Karate is now going to be called Dojo Physical Arts.

We were trying to change everything before we made the announcement official, but honestly, it's way too hard, and costly to change everything all at once. So you will start to see things start to change now, and hopefully, by September we will be 100% converted to the new name!

Here is a quick peek at the new logos!

The Meaning of Dojo

Dojo means far more than just a place to train, the most accurate translation means the "Path Within".

With some simple thoughts, it's easy to see why they choose this term to represent a training hall. Although training is something we tend to do together, our reasons for training are all different, we enter the Dojo to move us along our path or journey to learning more about ourselves.

There is no denying, the harder we work our bodies, the more we learn about ourselves and our limits!

Why are we changing the Name of the Dojo?

A new name gives us the chance to tell the local community that something has changed, and come check us out again. Plus since we are expanding our programming beyond Shotokan, the building needed a name that can handle multiple disciplines.

We are committed to ensuring that the Dojo represents a safe place for men and women of all ages and all physical abilities to train together.

A place of mutual respect, from students to instructors and in return instructors to students, after all, respect is not a one-way street and is a core tenant of Shotokan.

For those that love Charleswood Karate as it is, the new name is a minor change, all the great things are still here, for those that were looking towards the future for improvements, the new name represents a visual move in that direction.

Officially Welcoming Sensei Heather!

You may have seen Sensei Heather kicking and punching online and or around the Dojo, but we want to make it official!

Heather Crowston - Head Instructor Dojo Karate

As of July 2nd, Sensei Heather will be our permeant Head Shotokan Instructor and Coordinator of Dojo Physical Arts.

Sensei Heather's commitment to Karate is difficult to match, she has competed provincially, nationally and internationally medaling at all of these events.

As a Shotokan student she believes in continuous learning and attends seminars, and training camps yearly. Heather believes in strong fundamentals, and allowing students to find their own path within Shotokan Karate, with over 9 years of teaching experience, she is eager to see our students grow!

For those that don't know Sensei Heather, you will soon recognize the wealth of expertise and knowledge that she brings to our Shotokan program, we are so excited to have her!

New Yoga Program Starts Now!

Yoga classes are now available at the Dojo and all Founder's are welcome to attend any and all of the classes.

Please check the schedule for class times, but as of now, they will be held 3 days a week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

There are many styles of Yoga, just as in Karate, and we are working with some great instructors to bring you Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. All of these classes are suitable for beginners, and we will provide you with more detail about these styles later, but for now, please just feel welcome to try a class and even adding them to your training schedule.

Here's a great article that I found that is both brutally honest about the excuses that some people use to avoid Yoga, and the actual health benefits of using Yoga to enhance any other physical activity.

Give it a read, but more importantly, give Yoga a try!

Founders Special Pricing!

In order to grow the dojo, provide the high level, quality instructor that all of students deserve along with the a best facilities we can offer, the Dojo needs to change its pricing.

Many Karate clubs around the city, charge far more, and offer far less.

But for all those students that have stuck with us over the years, have showed up to online to classes during COVID, or are willing to reenter the Dojo now that we are allowed, we want to thank you, and show you how much that means to us.

Although the Dojo was founded nearly 20 years ago, we are offering a pricing structure that is consistent with what the existing members are used to paying but with far more advantages.

  1. Access to all Classes that are run by the Dojo, including Yoga! We also working with a few other teachers and instructors to bring some new and exciting programming to the Dojo which would also be included.
  2. Private Classes! As some of you have already experienced online, private classes are awesome, especially when lead by our high-quality instructors! Every month you will get 1-2 private classes to help you grow your Karate skills.
  3. Book the dojo for private training when there are no classes running. Yes, you will be able to access the dojo to do private practise and train when the dojo is not being used. There are some rules of course but just to keep everyone organized, and so it doesn't disrupt the Dojo to much.
  4. We are also going to lock in this rate for all our founders, moving forward. There may need to be a small adjustment from time to time, but we will commit to making sure that all those that are helping us during the recovery of COVID and those helping us establish our new programing are always offered special pricing.
  5. Did we mention private classes?

So how much will this special membership cost our founders, well actually almost exactly what you are currently paying.

$70.00 a month for the first student in a family,
$55.00 a month for the second Student in a Family,
$25.00 a month for the third student in a family,

With a maximum family rate $150.00. That means if you have more than 4 karate students training in your household, they can all train for $150.00 a month.

We call this our Founders Pricing, and it's only available for a short time!

There are some rules around Founders pricing that everyone should know.

  1. Founders must be set up on an automatic monthly payment plan.
  2. Founders programming is a year-round membership, and dues are required to be paid during the summer.
  3. Once a Founders membership is cancelled, any renewal will be at the rates available at that time.
  4. We are only offering this right now to 50 families.

In order for our dojo to remain strong, we need you! We need the committed families that love our programing and love the atmosphere within the Dojo.

But we also need your commitment, the expenses of the Dojo don't disappear in the summer, new programming requires confidence in revenue and membership, and equipment replacement happens all year round.

The core support of our Founders gives the Dojo the foundation it needs to move forward with confidence!

Dojo Grocery is here to stay!

The grocery fundraiser is here to stay, and we are so thankful for it's success!

Proceeds from the fundraiser have paid all the Dojo's bills and expenses, given us the resources to invest in the technology to offer online classes during COVID, and the confidence to permanently hire Sensei Heather!

Moving forward we expect that the fundraiser will help achieve great things, including an expansion on the training area, upgrades needed to the facility, and a competitive tournament training program, to only name a few!

Our big ask for all members and supporters of the Dojo!

We know that all people choose what they eat in a variety of ways, but we are asking members that eat something we offer from Dojo Grocery, to divert your spending to us, instead of your local big-box shopping centre.

In return for diverting your spending, here is what we will promise!

  1. We will always keep our prices competitive with what is available in the retail grocery stores. As an example, our bacon sells for $1.20/per 100 grams, and in the stores, the cheapest bacon you can find that is nowhere near our quality sells for $1.19/per 100 grams. We believe you shouldn't have to pay more to support the Dojo!
  2. We will only sell high-quality items! Even though our prices are the same as the no-name brands in the local shopping stores, our products are of the highest quality. We have received 100's of reviews of our chicken fingers, chicken breast, and bacon to prove that we are not messing around when it comes to quality.
  3. We will keep your food safe and secure! Appearances can be deceiving, a small well cared for warehouse (ok, it's a double garage) is maintained and monitored with the same precision and commitment that we have for our Karate program. And now that it's permanent, you will see shortly another round of improvement in that department as well.

How to buy products from Dojo Grocery!

Buying items is easy, just message us on Facebook, send us an email, or even just drop into the Dojo and let us know what you want. Our menu is currently short and uncomplicated (see a complete list here).

Payment is just as easy, cash on pickup or email money transfer (EMT).

We are looking to improve ordering, but for now we are just keeping it simple!

Thank you to the members that have already purchased items, and thank you all for your support moving forward!

Summer Hours!

Well, we are calling them Summer Hours, but honestly, they are more COVID Hours.

With the dojo being allowed to open again, we are running classes, but under provincial rules that make operating a little more difficult.

Don't get us wrong we are happy to follow the rules to keep everyone safe, but with the increased cleaning schedule, and having to basically wipe down the entire Dojo between classes does limit the number of classes we can have each day.

Back to back classes are just not possible, and are not safe!

We are also excited to offer Tuesday night classes with rotating qualified instructors! Perspective is everything in Karate, and sometimes a guest instructor can move through a technique in a way that you have never seen before or said something in a way that just clicks.

We wouldn't go to a college or a university if they had only one professor right!

Tuesdays are going to be fun, exciting and contain the variety to spice up our training!

So please visit our Calendar, and view all the group classes that are available, including Yoga!

Book your private classes!

With COVID keeping the number of group classes limited, book your private classes now! We have lots of spaces available, and they are unbelievably helpful!

Private classes are great for you and a spouse, child, or a best friend that you have within your inner circle to train together, with no limitations.

Book your private classes on the app, or by reaching out to us directly!

Women's Only Classes!

With the help of Sensei Taralee, Sensei Heather has restarted her women's only classes that she ran at the Dojo years ago.

Giving women the chance as beginners to learn from other women, as we feel female mentorship is important. For more senior students it’s a chance to explore their practice, be challenged and discuss freely with other women is crucial to their development.

As we develop as a karateka, we understand that the practise itself is the same for both females and males, however, women must learn to use their bodies differently to develop power, increase speed and apply applications.

Reach out to Sensei Heather now to learn more!


It may feel like there is a lot of changes happening at the dojo, but if you wipe it all away you will see one consent, quality karate instruction!

We have not taken anything away from the Dojo that had value, everything that you previously loved is still here, and everything that you need is better.

Sensei Ron, will be taking some time off during the summer to allow his hip to heal, but he will be back, and the changes that we have put in place allow him to focus on healing, without the concern for the students training.

The Dojo is in a great place right now, and we are so excited to see what we are about to grow into!

Continue to join us on our journey, and we appreciate you allowing us to join yours!

Darryll Esch
July 2, 2020

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